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Think Progress Admits Policies It Supports Are Killing Young Children In Detroit

They might not realize they did

Child mortality occurs at a higher rate in Detroit than in several Third World countries, according to a study conducted by Detroit News. After collaborating with national health departments, researchers discovered that the number one factor impacting Detroit’s high child death rates is prematurity, followed by a culture of violence.

The city of 713,000 is the only U.S. city with upwards of 100 deaths per 100,000 children. In what one doctor declared a “public health emergency,” 120 out of every 100,00 children in Detroit died in 2010. The infant mortality rate — which is higher than the rates in Panama, Romania, and Botswana — is another prominent issue. Between 2000 and 2011, 2,300 infants died within their first year.


Then, in a supreme moment of blissful ignorance, they are actually honest about the cause (emphasis mine):

Health concerns stem from the city’s long history of financial troubles; all told, 60 percent of Detroit’s youth were impoverished in 2010. Detroit’s economic conditions pose ongoing challenges for residents — including food insecurity, unsafe housing, and the inability access medical care — all of which impact child health, according to Dr. Irwin Redlene, a pediatrician and Columbia University professor.

Detroit was reduced to Third World status by decades of Democrat rule and public sector unions running amok, so one wonders how. There is no lurking Republican monster under the bed to blame this on, try as they might. The city was run into the ground by the very people and kinds of policies Think Progress champions on a daily basis.

They are, however, progressives. That means that they are unable to reference any history that didn’t happen when George W. Bush was president and they are also able to just make things up when faced with yet another example of how awful their ideology is.


In reality, the Detroit of the last forty years was a pornographic progressive dream. And it is a chilling tale of just how quickly that ideology can destroy a city that was once glorious.

And built by capitalism.

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