Why on Earth Is Jeb Bush Still 'Undecided' on a 2016 Run?

On what planet is this a good idea?!?

Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush has been rumored to be a potential Republican presidential candidate in 2016 and Wednesday he did nothing to end the speculation when asked about a possible run.

“I’m going to think about it later (a run for president),” Bush said during a school tour Wednesday. “I don’t wake up each day saying, ‘what am I going to do today to make this decision?’”

Bush continued, “I’m deferring the decision to the right time which is later this year and the decision will be based on, can I do it joyfully, because I think we need to have candidates lift our spirits. It’s a pretty pessimistic country right now; and, is it right for my family? So I don’t even want to think about that till it’s the right time and that’s later on.”


Jeb isn’t crazy or delusional, and he is not still entertaining these thoughts because he is a raging egomaniac. This is happening because there are still power players in the upper echelons of the GOP who would sincerely like Jeb to run. The old-money players are very much of the opinion that there is a queue in the GOP for presidential runs and Jeb has been waiting his turn for a long time.

Here on Planet Earth, I can’t think of a Democrat who couldn’t beat Jeb Bush. This is the guy whose ascension was slowed by the fact that he lost a gubernatorial election he was supposed to win and his brother won one that most weren’t even aware he wanted to run for. He’s an awful choice from any angle one considers it, but there is just enough old money talking to keep this hanging around.

Like the annoying uncle who just won’t go away.



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