MSNBC Turns YouTube Comments Into 'A Conservative Backlash' Against Biracial Family

UPDATE: MSNBC has apologized and deleted the tweet.


Here’s a screenshot now that the original tweet (which was embedded here) is gone:


Wearisome and just plain wrong.

The Cheerios family is back.

The breakfast cereal’s new Super Bowl ad features the same fictional biracial family that sparked a conservative backlash last year.

And just what was this “conservative backlash” that now undeniably proves that all conservatives hate interracial families?

Some lunatic commenters on General Mills‘ YouTube page.

The average 12th Century dungeon asylum for victims of syphilitic dementia featured fewer unhinged episodes in a month than any number of YouTube comment sections see in an hour. It is very easy to pretend to be someone else when commenting online too. Lastly, the thought that a bunch of “conservatives” were trolling YouTube to be nasty about a cute biracial girl is somewhat ridiculous. They just aren’t the YouTube comment regulars.

These are just a few of the reasons that this fantastical leap of illogic by MSNBC is as weak as it is outrageous.


I bring this up for a different reason, however. I’m often asked, rather testily at times, by people on the Left and Right, why I continue to write about media bias garbage like this. One can be dismissive as one wants about the total viewership of MSNBC but it is still as division of NBC News and this is the mindset that most of the people working there have. They pass this along to voters who aren’t devouring blog content and cable news ratings all day and it seeps into the less-informed electorate, which ends up hurting us at the polls.

It is time for more than just media watchers and bloggers to get angry about egregious bias like this, the GOP desperately needs an elected champion to say, “Oh, HELL no!” when news organizations blatantly lie.


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