Caption Contest Winner: Clint Eastwood’s Empty Chair Seen in White House Photo

Obama sotu

“POTUS speech research” was the official White House caption.


Thanks to all who played along with our latest photo caption contest.

It was a happy time when, during our contest, we got word that our reigning Caption King, Chris Henderson had just escaped from re-education camp with the help of “Zip Code,” another one of our talented contest players.


Be sure to look back at the comments section and read about Henderson and Zip Code’s ingenious escape plan.  A Netflix movie is sure to follow.

Now that King Henderson is back  tormenting  truthfully describing our Beloved Leader, here are two of his winning captions:

Obama’s rolling papers.

White House Staffer: “Someone get this junk off the desk and make room for Obama’s feet!” 

(Editor’s Note: See our contest from 2013 about Obama’s feet on the historic White House desk.)

We are overjoyed about Chris Henderson’s escape, but those weeks at “Camp Obama” must have taken their toll because Chris was NOT the grand prize winner of this contest.

That honor went to rbj another Caption King, who so far, has eluded a Camp “O” vacation.  This winning caption perfectly described the contest photo:

The White House Office of Accountability

FunJohnny was also a grand prize winner with:

“This position has been abolished. We no longer need a researcher. We just make up our facts.”

Here are all the honorable mentions.

Zip Code:

The cup,—- Hey chair, are you guarding that speech?    The chair,— Yeah, can’t you see I’m armed.!


This is what happens when the SOTU research team has a “chair” instead of a “chairman.”



In the picture above, you can see the President directing the military operations during the night of the Benghazi attack.

Thanks again folks, and see you next time a photo is worthy of a PJ Tatler Caption Contest.

But wait, there’s more…

Several people have requested that I run a caption contest on the controversial  Planet Hillary image which appeared on the latest Sunday New York Times Magazine cover. As a result, this image has been “Topic A” at every NY/DC social gathering, and discussed ad nauseum on every cable TV news show in the last week.

The reason I did not offer a contest was because PJ Media columnist, Ed Driscoll had already covered this topic and used the image in his piece. That conflicted with my philosophy of always using fresh visual material. Now, with that said — if you can not resist writing a caption for “Planet Hillary” here is your opportunity.

hill planet





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