SHOCKING! Connection Between Sitting On Your Couch And Heart Trouble

File under “DUH”.

The more we learn about sitting, the more perilous it seems to be.

Flabby muscles, fuzzy thinking and all manner of cardiovascular disease can get started or get worse when we’re hanging out on the couch, stuck in traffic or just parked in a chair for too long.

Now there’s evidence that heart failure — when your heart becomes too weak to pump enough blood through your arteries — can be brought on by a sedentary lifestyle and also, more generally, a lack of physical activity.


I dug a little to see if there were any taxpayer dollars underwriting this exercise in finding out the obvious. This is mostly being posted as motivation for me and our fine readers who may need it.

And forget the “get an uncomfortable couch” trick, I’ve tried it. I still fall asleep watching TV while sitting on the little torture chamber.


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