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Wendy Davis Donors Include the Vilified One-Percent, Along with the Abortion Industry

It turns out that much of Democrat Wendy Davis’ campaign cash is coming from just a few sources. Davis’ campaign raised $8.7 million over the second half of 2013, less than the $10 million she promised. She and the media are adding in additional funds raised by a separate allied group to get her to the $12.2 million figure that has been widely reported.

Davis’ major donors include Austin physician Carolyn Oliver, who donated a whopping $1 million. Other major donors include Battleground Texas, the Obama-created and staffed group, which donated $284,037, leftwing Emily’s List, at $147,681, abortion industrialist Planned Parenthood, $74,512, and abortion industrialist NARAL, at $18,236.

Davis also raked in cash from Texas Democrat kingpins the Lone Star Project, $201,083, and trial lawyer Steve Mostyn, $50,577.

The American Federation of Teachers, a large labor union, also donated $125,000. Texas is a right-to-work state. Davis’ large donors add up to more than $2.4 million of her $8.7 million capture. Much of Davis’ haul is also coming in from outside Texas. She frequently leaves the state to hold fundraisers in San Francisco, New York and Washington. Her campaign has struggled to raise money in Texas’ Rio Grande Valley, a heavily Democrat but strongly pro-life part of the state that she cannot afford to show any weakness in if she is to have any chance of winning statewide. To compensate, the late-term abortion supporting Davis once improbably claimed to be pro-life during a visit to the region.