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Eric Holder Hiring $115,742/year 'Kinyarwanda' Cultural Advisor"

Eric Holder’s Justice Department is seeking to hire a Kinyarwanda cultural advisor at a salary up to $115,742 per year.  From and email quoting the USA Jobs Posting:

Department of Justice (DOJ) is looking for a Cultural and Linguistic Advisor. This position is located in the Human Rights and Special Prosecutions (HRSP) Section of the Criminal Division.

We discussed the position with a DOJ HR officer but the position was just posted on USA this week so we’ll summarize the position and provide you a direct link.

What you will do:

• Support case development and conduct research in multiple languages.

• Identify potential perpetrators of human rights violations present in the United States, and identify potential victims and witnesses.

• Draft memoranda that identify leads and other relevant information, review foreign language documents, and summarize relevant events.

• Review and catalogue reports on human rights violations and mass atrocities abroad.

• Generate in-house reports on human rights-related accomplishments of HRSP.

• Process internship applications and assign/oversee work of undergraduate interns.

• Conduct outreach events, especially to African diaspora groups and providers of services to refugees and torture survivors in the Washington, D.C. area.

The background/qualifications they are looking for:

• To be found fully qualified for this position, applicants must state, in the body of their resume that they are fluent in the Kinyarwanda language, in both spoken and written form. Applicants not addressing this Selective Placement Factor will be determined not to be qualified for the position and will not receive further consideration.

• Education: you need to have a behavioral or social science degree; or related disciplines appropriate to the position.


• Combination of education and experience that provided the applicant with knowledge of one or more of the behavioral or social sciences equivalent to a major in the field.


• Four years of appropriate experience that demonstrated that the applicant has acquired knowledge of one or more of the behavioral or social sciences equivalent to a major in the field.

AND (in addition to the above)

Specialized Experience: Applicants must possess one year of specialized experience at, or equivalent to, the GS-12 Federal grade level. Examples of specialized experience inlcude:

• Translating records written in Kinyarwanda into English.

• Interpreting from Kinyarwanda into English in real time, in interviews between Kinyarwanda speakers and U.S. government employees lacking fluency in Kinyarwanda.

• Monitoring interpretation quality of paid contract interpreters in U.S. or other courtrooms in which Kinyarwanda is interpreted into English during criminal trials or immigration proceedings.

• Reviewing documents written in Kinyarwanda to summarize content and to compare descriptions of significant human rights violations with other descriptions of these events