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Media Matters Admits Chris Christie Is Superior to Barack Obama

See what I did there?

This, of course, comes in the wake of the political bomb that detonated last week when a key Christie aide was revealed to have conspired, via email, with a Christie transportation appointee to enact political retribution by wreaking havoc on the city of Fort Lee, in the form of a massive, four-day traffic jam. The nightmare congestion was deliberately planned by shutting down vital lanes to the George Washington Bridge under the phony guise of a traffic study.

Since the scandal erupted, much of the conservative media has been scrambling to try to protect the possible presidential candidate from long-term political damage. They’ve done that via obfuscation (i.e. “Benghazi!”) and by claiming Christie’s response to the crisis has offered a clear lesson in “leadership”

The irony is thick because the unflattering portrait that has emerged of Christie in the last week is the exact same portrait conservatives have tried, unsuccessfully, to paint of Obama for five years: A thuggish politician with a thirst for revenge who’s mired in corruption. Obama, we’re reminded by Fox News, is a corrupt bully who’s at the center of every alleged administration scandal, from the IRS targeting conservatives, to the wide-ranging Benghazi “cover-up.”

The gist of this is: “They could never prove it!” O.J. Simpson never went to jail for murder; that doesn’t mean he didn’t behead his ex-wife.

In reality, using their logic for the bridge scandal proves it perfectly. It happened on his watch, so he is ultimately responsible.

What the single-digit IQ crowd over at MMFA ignores is the fact that this president hasn’t suffered from the monumental failures of his subordinates precisely because the press unquestioningly accepts whatever childish excuse he offers. These are, after all, the people who have told us for years that he is the SMARTEST PRESIDENT EVER but finds “I didn’t know about that…” a valid dodge for anything that erupts on his watch.

If we have learned anything in the last six years, it is that there is no scenario whatsoever in which the progressive media types can place blame on Obama. OK, once in a while they’ll toss out something benign like “he wore the wrong cuff links,” and run around proclaiming, “See? NO BIAS!”  — but they aren’t going to do so for the important things.

There is also a separate discussion to be had about the relative slickness of Chicago style political thuggery versus New Jersey style. That’s a bit too much like a regional pizza argument though, and I’m hungry.