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NAACP Lawyer: 'Absolutely My Honor to Represent Mumia Abu Jamal'

Katie Pavlich over at Town Hall scores this video find. It shows NAACP Legal Defense Fund lawyer Christina Swarms addressing a venomous rally for cop killer Mumia Abu Jamal in Philadelphia. In the video, she says how proud the NAACP is to represent Mumia Abu Jamal.

Black Panther Mumia Abu Jamal killed police officer Danny Faulkner before becoming a celebrity among leftists.  I appeared on The Kelly File last night along with Danny Faulker’s widow to talk about Debo Adegbile’s advocacy on behalf of the murderer.

President Obama nominated Adegbile to head up the Justice Department Civil Rights Division.  His nomination is currently before the Senate Judiciary Committee.

In the video, the NAACP lawyers make it clear the NAACP is in the game because of race. That is important because yesterday before the United States Senate, Debo Adegbile testified under oath that the NAACP’s decision to represent the convicted cop killer had nothing to do with race. Katie Pavlich’s money quote:

“It is absolutely my honor to represent Mumia Abu-Jamal. It is my pleasure, it is my honor to have that opportunity and there is no question in my mind, there is no question in the mind of anyone at the Legal Defense Fund that the justice system has completely and utterly failed Mumia Abu-Jamal and in our view, that has everything to do with race and that is why the legal defense fund is in this case,” attorney Christina Swarms said during the event. “We are acutely aware that the injustices of the criminal justice system are inextricably bound up in race.”

Yesterday during testimony on Capitol Hill, Adegbile denied the NAACP Legal Defense Fund involvement in the Abu-Jamal case had anything to do with race, but instead argued his organization got involved on a strictly legal basis.

Swarms basks in the pro-Mumia applause from the radical activists. “This is something I have to take in,” she swoons.


“We stand on the shoulder of giants, and the giants in this case are in this room.” She thanks the pro-Mumia activists: “I want to extend my thanks from my legal team and the [NAACP] Legal Defense Fund.”

Fifty years ago, the NAACP was about treating every human being with individual dignity and breaking down racial segregation.  Today, the NAACP is proud to represent cop killers.