Bill de Blasio's New York Administration: Corrupt, or The Most Corrupt Launch in American Urban History?

Maybe Ra’s al Ghul had a point. In Batman Begins, the shadowy villain who trained the caped crusader returns to Gotham City to destroy it from the inside out, because it had become too corrupt to save. Call it a brutal lesson from the school of hard knocks. Spoiler alert: Batman doesn’t let him do it.


In the real world, Gotham City aka New York has replaced the tyrannical joker Michael Bloomberg with the wacky ideologue Bill de Blasio. De Blasio, a self-admitted socialist, a man whose far left policies could deliver a death stroke to the city’s economy, has nominated Melissa Mark-Viverito to become speaker of the NY council. All she is, is a confirmed tax cheat.

Mark-Viverito failed to disclose to the city, income from her rental properties over the span of several years, as she was required to do as a member of the city council. Through a spokesman she claims that it was an “unintentional mistake,” but the mistake was probably in getting caught. She also may not have disclosed this income to the IRS. That should have serious consequences, but the IRS has been too busy over the last several years chasing the Tea Party to notice.

De Blasio is taking a blasé approach, standing by Mark-Viverito.

That alliance may be so strong because it’s skeevy in nature.

Mayor de Blasio’s ties to the Brooklyn Democratic boss he teamed up with to anoint the next City Council speaker run all the way to Hizzoner’s doorstep, The Post has learned.

Since 2012, de Blasio has refinanced both homes he owns in Park Slope through the firm where Brooklyn Democratic leader Frank Seddio formerly served as vice president — Wall Street Mortgage Bankers.

Public records show that the most recent deal came just three days after de Blasio’s primary victory on Sept. 10, when he refinanced his 11th Street home with the firm for $625,000.

In June 2012, he had refinanced another home his family owns down the block with Wall Street Mortgage Bankers for $630,000.


Sweetheart loans, political alliance producing payoffs in power and money…it’s all so very socialist and idealistic.

And then there’s de Blasio’s little crusade against romantic horse drawn carriages in New York. He claims he wants to replace them with electric vehicles for the sake of the environment and for the welfare of the horses. Stacy McCain has put the facts together. It’s basically a hustle to evict the historic carriage stables and sell their land to developers, who stand to reap massive profits for folks who would be expected to return the favor by donating to Mayor de Blasio’s next campaign, and the campaigns of his cronies.

“Tomorrow, the world will watch in horror as its greatest city destroys itself.” Ra’s al Ghul’s words. “And this time, no misguided idealists will get in the way.”




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