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Dancing Drag Queen Santas Anger Parents at Alabama Christmas Parade

And here’s the video. Because it’s just not Christmas unless the tolerance bullies go out of their way to be offensive.

In this case, a black all-male female impersonating dance troop called the “Prancing Elites” were invited to dance in the local Christmas parade by the organizers in Semmes, AL. Why the organizers thought it was a good idea to have drag queen Santas at the parade is something said organizers should explain. They should also explain why they didn’t let parents know that drag queen Santas would feature in the parade, which typically includes marching bands, fire trucks, a nice sports car or two, cheerleaders, and a Santa or two tossing candy and waving to the kids. Nothing controversial, though Christmas parades themselves will probably be so controversial that they will be banned by next year’s holiday season. And getting the parade axed may have been the point of inviting the cross-dressing Santas.

The town’s reaction to the cross-dressing Santas was about what you’d expect in most small towns north or south. Most people weren’t really into it. Many were offended. “I was outraged and appalled,” one local mom says in the video. “I never expected anything like this at the Semmes Christmas parade.” Leftist tolerance bullies like Gawker are playing up the race angle, but while there has been a ridiculous national debate over Santa’s pigmentation lately, that’s not what bothered people. It’s the cross-dancing Santas doing their San Fran thing in the small town parade, with unsuspecting families on hand to watch.

The tolerance bullies like to shout that no one can impose their morality on others. Then the tolerance bullies impose their morality on others. That’s what the Duck Dynasty war is really all about.

The Prancing Elites have apologized, but they’re not really the problem here. They make no secret of what they’re about and they’re free to do what they want. Others are free to enjoy their shows, or not. The parade organizers are the ones who invited them. They’re the ones who the town owe an apology.