James Carville Insults Majority of Americans in Defense of Obamacare

Democrat strategist James Carville appeared on Bill O’Reilly’s show Thursday night and declared that public opinion doesn’t matter when it comes to Obamacare. The major Democrat kingpin also insulted the majority of Americans who disapprove of President Obama’s signature law.


Carville declared, without offering any supporting evidence, that he thinks Obamacare is working better now. O’Reilly countered that “It really doesn’t matter what you think, James, because 69% of the country wants it to be delayed. so it’s 69% against Carville.”

Carville fired back: “Look, 60% of the people believe that the earth is 5,000 years old or something. That doesn’t mean that it’s right.” He added, “I think it’s working better and I thought all along that it’s going to work.”

Carville’s insistent position certainly lacks any evidence to back it up. Most Americans oppose Obamacare, and most see it as destructive. Even most of the uninsured oppose the mandate that forces them to buy insurance. The Obama administration tacitly admits that it’s a mess each time it announces another lawless delay or exemption. It announced another major one just prior to O’Reilly’s airtime.

O’Reilly told Carville that “You are heavily outnumbered here, even worse than the Little Big Horn,” referring to the disastrous battle that made Gen. George Custer infamous.


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