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Family Sources: Duck Dynasty Is Likely to Be Canceled

Breitbart’s on the story.

On Friday, sources close to the Duck Dynasty Robertson family told E! Online that the family was “very serious” about ending the show if Phil Robertson’s suspension stood. The source said, “They’re an extremely tight-knit family and they’re not going to let this get in the way. [Phil] is the reason for their success – they’re not going to abandon him. They’re also not about to let anyone threaten their religious beliefs.” Another insider at Duck Dynasty told E!, “People who work on the show feel like it’s a big pissing match and there is no way that anyone can win.”

A&E may be the dumbest, luckiest cable network around. They created a monster hit show despite themselves, they’re killing it by kowtowing to militant extremists instead of championing the freedom that allows them to broadcast their shows, and they may have already lined up its replacement — which is almost surely set up to fail.

A&E may have already lined up what it thinks will be Duck Dynasty’s replacement. The Robertsons have publicly said that DD’s producers tried to get them to behave like a typical “reality show” family — swear, bicker, act off against one another, have conflict, etc. The Robertsons refused, because that’s not who they are. The producers also tried cutting the family prayer at the end of each show. The Robertsons refused, because for them, the prayer is a major purpose and source of their fame.

Now, look at the show that started following DD this season. It’s called Rodeo Girls. A&E has been heavily promoting it during DD for weeks now. I caught about half of the pilot episode, and it’s terrible. The women on the show are rodeo competitors. They’re “rednecks” like the Robertsons. But they’re not like the Robertsons in the important ways. Where the Robertsons are self-deprecating and funny, the Rodeo Girls are mean and vile. They swear, a lot. They bicker. They’re self-absorbed and obnoxious. There are no prayers but they do throw the name of God around a lot — not in a good way. It’s Jersey Shore on horseback, without any charm whatsoever. Perhaps I’ll watch an episode and review just how awful the show is.

A&E may hope the Robertsons become divided. Phil’s granddaughter, Sadie, tweeted that that’s not happening.


A&E might do well to note that people like me have hours of Duck Dynasty stored on our DVRs. We can watch them in glorious HD whenever we want. Personally, there will never be one frame of Rodeo Girls on that DVR, ever. The shows share superficial similarities and there may be some crossover in the audience, but they’re not the same. There’s only one Duck Dynasty.