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VIDEO: Rand Paul on How the Filibuster Was 'Dismembered, Dishonored and Indefinitely Detained'

It’s a long speech by Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.), but this address he gave on the floor yesterday was probably the most memorable floor speech of the week. Paul rose to speak against the nuclear option and where the government is heading, noting “the death of the filibuster is death of dialogue.”

“And so it came to pass, that the filibuster was dismembered, dishonored and indefinitely detained… The loss of the filibuster weakens Congress and makes any executive, regardless of party, more powerful and less likely to be transparent,” he said. “The Senate will now be run with a fist clenched so tightly that dissent will no longer be heard, debate stifled and amendments non-existent.”

Paul’s speech also wandered into constitutional freedoms and Obamacare, where he predicted that eventually everyone in America will receive a cancellation notice.