92-Year-Old British Woman Knits 400 Sweaters for Needy Syrian Kids


The weather has been freezing in refugee camps housing Syrian families who have fled the bloodshed in their home country, adding just one more challenge to humanitarian organizations scrambling to help people lacking in both food and medical care.


Here’s one heartwarming story out of the crisis, though: Hand in Hand for Syria, a London-based charity focusing on bringing medical care and food to dying Syrians, reported the above donation. A 92-year-old woman identified as Doris from Swindon knitted 400 sweaters to send to Syrian children. Amazing.

Hand in Hand for Syria notes that, as it intends to deliver aid to help people help themselves, they are currently planning a textile workshop and opening a school to get local children back into education.

“We believe in delivering emergency relief in a sustainable way, such as by employing local staff so that they can support their own families, buying supplies in Syria to help the country’s economy, and providing training to local Syrian doctors equipping them to deal with the terrible injuries of war,” the group says in its mission statement. “…The conflict in Syria is rapidly developing into the worst humanitarian crisis we have seen this century.”


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