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School Drops Sex Harassment Charge Against Six-Year-Old Boy

One of the reasons that we cover stories like that of Hunter Yelton is so that the outcry can help overturn an unjust decision. Canon City Schools in Colorado charged six-year-old Yelton with sexual harassment for kissing a schoolmate on the hand. Schools have reasonable rules against PDA, but sticking a first grader with sexual harassment is nonsense, even for a repeat offender, as young Yelton reportedly is. He’s six. School administrators tend to be highly educated, yet they should still possess enough common sense to avoid leveling such a serious charge against a little boy.


Today, the charge has been dropped. Public criticism surely had a lot to do with that.

If he has an issue, at his age it’s behavioral, not sexual. Mostly it seems that he’s a little boy doing a little boy thing, like the kids who got the book thrown at them for using airsoft guns on their own property.

Kids need correction. Discipline is good. We’re all born barbarians and need to be taught how to behave. Rushing to give a little kid an extreme punishment for minor issues isn’t going to help anyone, certainly not the boys who tend to get these harsh punishments thrown at them.

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