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Poll: Republicans Open Slight Leads in Michigan

Left-leaning PPP sees trouble for Democrats running for governor and Senate in Michigan.

Democrats who looked a few months ago to be favorites for governor and Senate in Michigan are now on the ropes, casualties of the general dip in favor for Democrats around the country over the Affordable Care Act snafus.

The somewhat popular Terri Lynn Land edges Gary Peters for Senate, 42-40, and still fairly unpopular Gov. Rick Snyder tops Mark Schauer, 44-40. For Peters, that is a seven-point reversal from when PPP polled the state six months ago, when he led Land in a theoretical matchup, 41-36. For Schauer, it is a drop of eight points on the margin; in early June, he led the incumbent, 42-38. He led by four and five points in the two polls before that as well.

Part of the problem for Peters and Schauer is also the president’s slide in popularity. What was a 48-47 approval spread in June, already bad in a state he won by nine and a half points, is now 47-51. And his signature legislative accomplishment is seen negatively by a 14-point margin, with 63% saying it has been implemented poorly.


Good news for the Republicans. The bad news is, Obama already has a plan to make sure that votes against him don’t matter.

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