Newtown Asks Media 'Please Leave Us Alone'

In a press conference today, Newtown, CT First Selectman Patricka Llodra asked the media not to descend on the town and turn the first anniversary of the massacre of schoolchildren and teachers there into another media circus.


“Well, it’s not personal,” Llodra said. “But we truly are hoping we have provided enough opportunity with the print media and the TV media and particularly the local media to answer questions and give the media the story that I know that the world’s going to want to hear on the first anniversary. We’re hoping when you leave here today at 12:00 noon or whenever you leave our community, that you have what you need to satisfy your producers. So that when we say to you, ‘Please don’t come,’ I mean, please respect our need to be alone and to be quiet and have that personal time to continue on our journey of grief in a way that serves us.”

A mentally disturbed man committed the Newtown massacre at the Sandy Hook Elementary School on December 14, 2012. He killed 27, including 20 children. It was the second-worst mass murder at an elementary school in U.S. history.


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