Democrat: Sure, Obamacare is Costing Some People Their Insurance. But That's a Good Thing!

“If you like your healthcare, you can keep it.” Unless Democrats like Rep. Matt Cartwright (D-PA) don’t like your healthcare. Then, you can’t keep it.


Cartwright made his remarks on MSNBC, the same network that would have you know that South Africa’s apartheid types were more patriotic than US Republicans.

Cartwright said, “I think you’re dealing in large part in semantics there, Thomas. Because a lot of those people, they did have policies that didn’t meet the minimum standards. That’s just not a theoretical discussion. There’s a reason you have minimum standards. There are people out there who have insurance that’s really, it’s an illusion of coverage. They have immense deductibles. They have annual and lifetime caps. There’s so many people out there with what I call phony insurance policies, and the fact that they’re going to lose those policies, sooner or later, I think is a good thing.”

So there you have it. Democrats will lie to you to gain power, and then use that power to make your personal decisions for you. And order you to like it.



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