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Latest Climate Hysteria Boondoggle Idea: Early Warning System For 'Surprises'

Just stop.

The long, slow process of climate change may trigger “surprise” shifts that could threaten human communities in years or decades, researchers from the National Academy of Sciences warned Tuesday.

In a 200-page report, the scientists call for an early-warning system that would watch bellwethers like Midwestern aquifers, Antarctic ice sheets and tropical coral reefs for signs that a “tipping point” is coming. Accelerated environmental changes can already be seen in the loss of Arctic sea ice and bigger wildfires since 1980, the authors said.

Despite the fact that the warming isn’t so warm anymore, the preachers of the fastest growing religion on Earth need to justify their positions, so get out your wallets.

Virtually everything is now taken as sign of man-made climate change (“Aunt Louise burned the pie crust at Thanksgiving? SEA LEVELS DID THAT!”) and used to justify ever-increasing mounds of cash to be thrown down the Solyndra hole, which is all this is about. They have to line the pockets of their business partners fear-mongering.

After all, not everyone can get grant money to keep the Climate Church growing.