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Obama: 'I'm Not a Particularly Ideological Person'

Yes, Barack Obama really said this.

“The biggest barrier and impediment we have right now is the Congress, and in particular the House of Representatives, that is not focused on getting the job done for the American people and is a lot more focused on trying to position themselves for the next election,” Obama told about 60 wealthy supporters at a fundraising dinner outside of Seattle.

Obama’s comments came during an event for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee inside the sprawling contemporary Medina home of former Microsoft executive Jon Shirley. Tickets cost up to $16,200 per person or $32,400 per couple, with money going toward helping Democrats reclaim the House majority in 2014.

Obama described himself “not a particularly ideological person,” saying he is passionate about his values but is practical about how to achieve them. He attacked House Republicans for being what he considered overly partisan.

He then went on to say that the equally non-ideological Nancy Pelosi should be returned as speaker of the House. Meanwhile he’s bitterly clinging to his sharply ideological signature failure despite the fact that it has never enjoyed majority support and is obviously causing chaos all over the country, among other sharply ideological policies, procedures and nominees.

Exit question: Does Obama really believe this about himself, or is it yet another lie from the lightworker?

Flashback: Obama was a back-bencher in the US Senate, yet he still managed to distinguish himself as its most leftwing member.

This is one of the few cases in which Obama probably isn’t lying. I think he actually believes it. He doesn’t see raising taxes on some Americans, even if it hurts the economy, but because of “fairness,” as an ideological choice. It’s just what comes naturally to him. It’s who he is.

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