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The Genius of Drudge

Matt Drudge and his editors are the best at saying quite a bit just by positioning headlines. Here’s what the Drudge Report looks like right now.



Venezuela’s president seized “emergency” dictatorial powers this week, the same week that President Obama, through his lackey Harry Reid, began the process of dismantling the rules of the US Senate. There is already a move afoot among the Democrats to seize even more power after yesterday’s nuclear strike on the Senate’s Jeffersonian rules. The Senate was designed to be the body that slows legislation down, so that it might be considered and reconsidered soberly before becoming law. That’s now in danger of going away entirely.

Are the Democrats desperate and devious enough to keep pushing America toward a Venezuela-style strongman government just to get their way? Drudge is playfully suggesting that they are, and when you take the Obama White House’s heavy-handed and unprecedented grip on the media into account, along with its incessant attacks on Fox and Drudge and by extension all other media that opposes him, the evidence is on Drudge’s side.