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Harry Reid: 'No President Should Have to Put Up With What President Obama Has Had to Put Up With'

Cue the violins. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid took to the Senate floor today to lament Republican “obstrucionism.” Harry wants you to feel very, very sorry for the hard-done man who resides at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

“Republican obstruction has become endemic in the Senate over the last five years,” Reid said, “grinding the work of this institution to a halt and threatening the integrity of this institution, and damaging our country. No president should have to put up with what President Obama has had to put up with.”

So what’s the solution, Sen. Reid? Dictatorial powers?

The fact is “obstructionism” is probably saving the country right now. Had the Republicans had any power in 2010, they could have obstructed Obamacare. The country would be better off.

The main threat to the Senate’s so-called integrity is Reid’s pattern of using it as Barack Obama’s failsafe. The president knows that he can do nearly anything he wants without any fear that the Senate will ever act to rein him in. Reid has turned the Senate into the place where budgets go to die. His tenure as majority leader has been a period during which the nation has not had a budget or any way to keep the Obama administration accountable.

As for presidents “putting up” with opposition, it was Harry Reid who declared Obama’s predecessor a “miserable failure” and the Iraq war “lost” while troops were in the field. He is hardly in a position to question anyone else’s opposition tactics.