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Photo Caption Contest Winner: Is it ‘Fairy Tale’ Time at the White House?


Credit: Drudge Report

Credit: Drudge Report


Thanks to all who participated in our latest Photo Caption Contest.

The judges have spoken and they had trouble picking one winner because you all are just too darn clever. (At the end of this winners post you will learn where “clever” lands you these days.)

After reading the entries it was obvious that our readers are intimately familiar with The Wizard of Oz.

(I am dating myself but I remember when the Wizard of Oz was televised once a year and it was a major social and entertainment event.)

And with that thought in mind – let’s begin with two winning entries from our “Caption King Emeritus” otherwise known as cfbleachers:

Where’s the truth in all this?  Somewhere over the reign, BO.

So, just click your ruby heels together and say “I wish I had my old policy, I wish I had my old policy”

RockThisTown: Toto, I have a feeling we’re not in Kenya anymore.

x2klbofun: Pay no attention to that man behind the TelePrompTer

Chris Henderson: Obamacare: A Blizzard of Laws.

Here are the non-Wizard of Oz winning entries.

Zipcode: Yesterday I was in [Good Hands with Allstate] today I’m in the wrong hands with all flakes!

Adi had two winners: When the bubble bursts, Obamacare Fairy will revert back to a frog.

New Obamacare pitch ad: If you like your fairy tale you can live in your fairy tale.

Chris Henderson: MSNBC Breaking News: Tooth Fairy Not Real; Obama Tells Children He Blames Bush.

Finally, as promised, here is what happens to “clever” citizens these days.

After I inquired in the winners post from our last contest as to why reigning Caption King, Chris Henderson missed this very popular contest, he commented that he had been detained in Obama’s Re-education Camp but fortunately had just escaped.

Then, for this contest, Chris Henderson had several entries and I commented after this one:

Glinda the Good Witch visits the White House to see if Obamacare will cover the house that fell on Hillary.

Myra’s comment:

Laughing and laughing. SO glad you joined us. How was the food at Re-education camp? I bet they served non-organic arugula and the food left over from Michelle’s school lunch programs.

Chris Henderson’s reply comment:

The arugula wasn’t as bad as the dog we were served every Tuesday. Just long days of being forced to polish his Nobel “Peace” Prize and his many teleprompters. The library only contained his two “autobiographies” and all the other books written by Bill Ayers. ;-) I escaped by using one of the many unused shovels from his shovel-ready jobs program and tunneled my way out.

Finally, a rare eye-witness account from inside the walls of Obama’s re-education camps.

But Chris was too proud to mention that he was forced to build entire cabins only using  Solyndra solar panels. (Good to know that $530 million of our tax dollars are being put to good use as affordable housing materials.)

But even worse, Chris has been re-trained as a Chevy Volt salesman.

To use a winning quote from cfbleachers, “Where’s the truth in all this?  Somewhere over the reign, BO.”

See you all next time a photo is worthy of a PJ Media Photo Caption Contest.