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VIDEO -- Obama Compares Crashed Obamacare to Mandating Seat Belts in Cars

This clip is real. President Barack Obama actually said this during today’s press conference. The clip below is not one of those Bad Lip Reading productions. This is how the most powerful man in the world, the elected president of a free people, thinks.

Be afraid.

“One way I describe this to — I met with a group of senators when this issue first came up. It’s not a perfect analogy. We made a decision as a society that every car has to have a seat belt or airbags. So you pass a regulation. There’s some additional cost particularly at the start of increasing the safety and protections but we make a decision as a society that the costs are outweighed by the benefits of all the lives that are saved. So what we’re saying now is if you’re buying a new car, you’ve got to have a seat belt. Well, the problem with the grandfather clause that we put in place is, it’s almost like we said to folks you’ve got to buy a new car even if you can’t afford it right now. Sooner or later folks are going to start trading in their old cars. We don’t need — if their life circumstance is such where for now at least they want to keep the old car, even if the new car is better, we should be able to give them that option and that’s what we want to do.”

No one is forced to own a car. Seat belt laws were opposed at the time they were passed in most states, due to objections that once government took that power, it would just move on to assume more power. That objection has been proven right a hundredfold when it comes to Obamacare.

We as a society didn’t choose Obamacare. Democrats chose it and forced it through even though a majority opposed it. Obamacare forces people to buy insurance. Now the president says we should “have the option” to keep what was already ours to begin with, which his unpopular law is taking away.