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New Photo Caption Contest: Is it ‘Fairy Tale’ Time at the White House?

fairy tale

Credit: Drudge Report


Today, the subject of our Caption Contest was prominently displayed on the Drudge Report with the caption, “Fairy Tale.’

Drudge linked to a Weekly Standard piece with the headline:

‘Fairy Tale’ Continues as Obama Proposes Extralegal Obamacare Fix.

Based on years of experience, I know that PJ Media readers can write better captions than the simple, ‘Fairy Tale.”

I am also confident that our readers will write some award-winning, snarky, creative, brilliant and politically incorrect, “thought bubbles.”

So ready, set, prove me right!

There are no rules for this contest, only your conscience and the knowledge that the IRS and the NSA are not living in the Enchanted Forest.

Have fun, and in case you missed it, here again are the winners from our last contest.  (Be sure to read the comment from our Caption King of Kings, Chris Henderson who was missing from our last contest.  Let’s hope Chris escaped from Re-education Camp and can join us now.)