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Gallup: Obamacare So Far Underwater It Can Barely Make Out the Sun Above the Surface

Gallup’s tracking poll backs up Rasmussen’s, which we reported earlier in the week: Obamacare is unpopular and getting less popular. Shocking, I know.

Americans’ views of the 2010 healthcare law have worsened in recent weeks, with 40% approving and 55% disapproving of it. For most of the past year, Americans have been divided on the law, usually tilting slightly toward disapproval. The now 15-percentage-point gap between disapproval and approval is the largest Gallup has measured in the past year.

A majority of Democrats still approve of the law — they just can’t let go — but a majority of everyone else hates it, and it has cost Obama the trust of the majority.

So, it’s not doing well.

It’s likely to get worse at the end of November, when the site isn’t fixed and the some of the rubes who did manage to sign up through unsecured find out that their personal information was stolen because they did what the government is ordering them to do.

And it may get even worse when people scramble during the first half of December to buy insurance, only to discover the sticker shock Grinch that lurks there waiting to steal their Christmas.

Here’s a thought: Since this law is so destructive and so unpopular, why don’t we repeal it and replace it with three things: Tax breaks for low-income people who have to buy their own insurance, allow plans to be sold across state lines, and tort reform to rein in malpractice lawsuits that are driving healthcare costs through the sky?

Update: You see, the real problem is, we all lied to Obama. Not that he lied to us.

I won’t presume to speak for you, but I wasn’t lying to Obama at any point. I pointed out that he is a hyperpartisan ideologue with no relevant experience to prepare him for the presidency. I also pointed out that he’s dishonest and that his healthcare law would be disastrous. So my conscience is clean here, even if Ron Fournier’s isn’t.