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Jennifer Lawrence, Being Awesome, and Being What Miley Cyrus is Not

Miley Cyrus has made news again this week by being an awful human being who can’t really sing without autotune and only knows how to get attention the wrong way. The best thing the media and culture can do for Cyrus would be to stop reacting to everything she does to shock.

The second-best thing the media and culture can do is point out that someone close to Cyrus’ age doesn’t act like a ridiculous shock-bot at all.

Jennifer Lawrence was in London for the premiere of Catching Fire, the second Hunger Games film. Lawrence is gorgeous in a real person who can be interesting sort of way, she’s a very good actress, she is the star of the one of the biggest film series going and is one of the biggest movie stars on the planet. She’s won an Oscar and all that, for a completely different kind of performance than she delivers as Katniss Everdeen. And she can take a little ribbing with the best of ’em.

So there megastar Jennifer Lawrence was, giving an interview on the red carpet, when she spotted a little girl crying nearby. Watch what the big movie star did.

She stepped away from the interview and hugged the stranger like they had been best friends for life. It’s a sweet moment.

The difference between Lawrence and Cyrus may come down to the fact that Lawrence was raised as a gun-toting tomboy in Kentucky, far away from Hollywood’s temptations and flattery, while Cyrus was raised by Disney and very much in the limelight of fame and stardom. It may be as simple as that.