Obama Still Pretending that the Website is Obamacare's Big Problem

The fact that Healthcare.gov is a horrible web site is actually helping delay sticker shock for some Americans who don’t yet know that Obamacare will force them to pay more for worse insurance than they already had. The website’s dysfunction is not only not Obama’s biggest problem, at this point, it’s helping him.


But President Obama is still pretending that it’s the website, not the policy, that’s the real problem. He had the nerve to say this during a campaign speech in Louisiana today.

“I know health care is controversial so there’s only going to be so much support we get on that on a bipartisan basis. Until it’s working really well, then they’ll stop calling it Obamacare.”

Right. Great laugh line there, champ.

Even Politico isn’t buying that.

After telling NBC News on Thursday that he was “sorry” that Americans were learning their plans would be cancelled after he promised it wouldn’t happen, he didn’t talk about those concerns, let alone offer another apology.

Instead, as he’d done earlier in the week while speaking in Dallas, Obama tried to shift to the offensive, calling on Republican Gov. Bobby Jindal — who was in the audience Friday — to support the expansion of Medicaid in his state.

Obama’s apology to NBC amounted to “I’m sorry you believed me when I told you things that I knew were’t true the whole time.” Plus “I’m sorry I hurt you but I have no plans to stop hurting you. Now get me a sammich!”


Now he’s trying to goad Republican governors — Jindal today, Perry in Dallas earlier this week — to do something they have no interest in doing and he has no means to persuade them to do. None.

Barack Obama seems to be living in a fantasy land, one in which he is still heroically fighting the dishonest entrenched powers, when he is the dishonest entrenched power who has made previous dishonest entrenched powers look like pikers. He is still under the impression that he is popular when his approval rating is sinking by the day.

Three more years of this combined hubris, shamelessness, and incompetence.


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