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Because It's SO Solvent: Libs Push To Expand Social Security

This is awful, can we have more?

Senator Sherrod Brown is joining the push to expand Social Security, and he’s making a startling argument: Dems should go on offense on entitlements, rather than let Republicans and Beltway fiscal scolds frame the discussion as one over how much benefits should be cut, not one over whether they should be cut at all.

“There are two fundamental numbers that make this a moral case for Democrats to make,” Brown told me in an interview today. “One is that a third of seniors rely on Social Security for virtually their entire income. The other is that more than half of seniors rely on Social Security for significantly more than half their income.”

This is akin to trying to cure cancer by making the tumors grow faster.

Social Security needs an overhaul. As serious overhaul where adult decisions have to be made.

The “revenues” the Democrats speak of so often are the reason that so many Americans, including seniors, struggle. They’ve been assaulting income through taxation (helped by a couple of decades of tax happy Republicans) for a few generations now.

So they can come in and save the people they’ve financially destroyed.