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Biden Neglects To Mention His Boss Or Obamacare At McAuliffe Rally

Maybe he’s not crazy.

Anyone waiting expectantly for Vice President Biden to name check President Obama at an election eve rally Monday went away disappointed.

Besides singing the praises of Democratic gubernatorial nominee Terry McAuliffe at the Northern Virginia event, Biden mentioned Democratic Sens. Tim Kaine and Mark Warner (favorably) and Republican Sen. Ted Cruz (unfavorably). He singled out McAuliffe’s Republican opponent, Ken Cuccinelli, by name. Biden even referred to his own wife and his father.

But there was no mention of the president. Nor any mention of health care, aside from a reference to Cuccinelli’s participation, as Virginia attorney general, in conservative efforts to restrict women’s health care (read abortion rights) in the state. It was noticed.

Biden’s omission signaled how the Affordable Care Act’s recent troubles have turned the president’s signature domestic legislation from an asset to a liability, if not in solidly blue places like Massachusetts then in purple states like Virginia.

Unfortunately, Obamacare and its “I know nothing!” architect didn’t become a liability in time to wound the Democrat crook who will probably be the next governor of Virginia. The fact that so many of those getting fat off your taxes now live in the state may have negated an earlier train wreck anyway.

And I was totally kidding: Crazy Joe the Wonder Veep is still certifiably insane.