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Obamacare, The UnAffordable Disappearing Care Act, Just Cost Another 340,000 Americans Their Healthcare

Oh, those nasty uncooperative red states…like Minnesota, where MyFox9 reports that at least 140,000 just lost their health insurance.

Reporter Tom Lyden: “A couple weeks ago, Larry got this letter from HealthPartners, telling him his insurance is being discontinued because it doesn’t meet the new minimum standards under the Affordable Care Act. Larry did some rough calculations. He and his wife were paying $658 a month. Under a new plan, HealthPartners will charge them more than $1,000, a yearly difference of more than $4000. It doesn’t exactly live up to the president’s promise.”
OBAMA: “If you like your health care plan, you’ll be able to keep your health care plan, period.”
Obamacare Victim Larry Walburn: “That’s a lie, that’s a straight out lie. The only way you can keep it is if you have to pay a whole bunch more in premiums.”
LYDEN: “Do you feel misled?”
WALBURN: “Well totally.”

And Washington State, where KOMO-TV says 200,000 just lost their health insurance.

Reporter Luke Deucy: “Last month, Doug Hall’s health care provider told him they are terminating his current plan.”
Victim Doug Hall: “Well I basically looked at the letter and I threw it in the corner. I didn’t even want to read it.”
DUECY: “And he tells me the new plan Regence is now offering him has less coverage, while his monthly premiums will cost 20 percent more, his deductible 50 percent more.”
HALL: “It’s very frustrating that we’re being forced to do this.”

So many people supported Obamacare until they found out they would have to pay for it.