Biden: Hey, Barack and I Can't Use Either, and Not Just Because We're Not 'Geeks'

The vice president of the United States admits to CNN that he just gave up even trying to log onto — after both his daughter and President Obama had also tried (and failed).


Did Vice President Biden just admit that even President Obama can’t log on and love his signature policy?

I believe he did.

“We were under the impression that [] was ready to go,” Biden says, adding that he and Obama believed it because “experts” who worked for them told them it was ready. At no point did either one attempt to verify independently that the site was working before launch.

“Neither he nor I are technology geeks and we assumed it was up and ready to run,” he said.

The word “assume” can be broken down to reveal management issues of the type that have plagued Obama’s flagship program — ass/u/me. Obama and Biden should apply that breakdown to their own management style.


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