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Wearisome: NY Times Calls O-care 'Racially Divisive Issue'


President Obama last week sought to turn attention from health care to immigration — in other words, from one racially divisive issue to another.

Whites tend to hold negative views of Obamacare, while blacks tend to like it. Specifically, 55 percent of whites, an NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll found this year, consider Mr. Obama’s health care law a bad idea, while 59 percent of blacks call it a good idea. On immigration, 51 percent of whites oppose legal status for illegal residents, but 63 percent of blacks and 76 percent of Hispanics favor it.

It is simple for one of the Translucent Avengers in the MSM to see racial division everywhere, all they have done for decades is sow the seeds of it and water them. This, however, is merely another pathetic attempt to return to the one thing liberals use as the final bail out whenever you back them into a corner.

Playing the Race Card in this situation isn’t going to do much to distract right now. It has been well chronicled here and elsewhere that much of the left media isn’t bothering to spin this disaster.

So…nice try.

The overwhelming majority of American blacks have been voting Democrat for decades so finding them overwhelmingly in support of a signature Democrat policy initiative isn’t exactly headline news.

Also, the 59 percent figure is quite a drop off from the number of black voters who supported President Obama in 2012 and that alone makes it a bit of a stretch to spin this into a harbinger of dysfunctional racial political polarization.

This is a shameless shot at stirring up emotions do avert attention from the Obamacare reality just as many are beginning to notice the obvious: if you rush a complex law into being just because it’s all you’ve really got, the chances of it going smoothly aren’t great.

Bless their hearts, there are still some in old media who have been getting away with biased nonsense like this for years and are still completely unaware that the news world doesn’t work that way anymore.