Obama Is Breaking His 'If You Like Your Healthcare You Can Keep It' Promise Because He Wants To

Ace notices an important, albeit mostly missed, point on that NBC story about how Democrats knew millions would lose their healthcare coverage because of Obamacare.


The regulation causing so many Americans to lose their healthplans is an HHS regulation — not part of the original law. Because of that, Obama could undo it with a phone call. But he is not making that phone call.

These regulations, being a creature of the Executive branch, can be rewritten by the executive branch at any time. We don’t need a law for this (though one would be useful, to force Obama to do the right thing).

Obama has it within his power to call up the HHS reg-writers and instruct them to honor the promise he made time and again for two years. And he doesn’t want people to know this, because he is determined to break that promise.

That promise was always a lie, and not a meaningless lie at the periphery, but a central lie propping up the political campaign for ObamaCare. Had he told Americans that they would be losing their current health care in order to be dumped into what is effectively a high-risk pool, so that they could subsidize high-risk clients, the public would have rejected the law even more strongly than he did.

So he lied. And lied. And lied. And lied some more.

And even at this late date, he could still choose to honor his promise.

But he won’t, because he can’t — he always intended to take people’s insurance away from them. Always. And he’s not going to undo, short of a veto-proof act of Congress.


Congress won’t do that, as long as Democrats control the Senate. It won’t happen, and Obama knows it. Checkmate, at least until after the mid-terms.

So there is one man, and one man only, responsible for deliberately lying to the American people and intentionally breaking a promise solemnly swore a dozen times: Barack Obama.

And he is the one man who can undo all of this and honor his promise with a mere phone call.

But he won’t.

This video isn’t just a clip of broken promises strung together. It’s video of the President of the United States lying, time after time after time, like the sociopath that he is to the American people, millions of whom he fully intended to harm.


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