Alternate Reality: Watch MSNBC Panel Try Blaming Obamacare's Flop on Republican Governors

It has been said a million times everywhere but MSNBC, but let’s say it again: Obamacare passed without a single Republican vote. It passed over the warnings that Republicans offered — that it would kill jobs, toss people out of their health plans, damage the medical industry, etc etc. It hasn’t been said enough, on MSNBC or elsewhere, that Obamacare did allow states to opt in or opt out of setting up their own Obamacare insurance exchanges. It follows logically that states that have elected Republicans to office would opt out of setting up those exchanges, and most have. Just 14 states of the 50 have set up their own exchanges.


None of that reality is allowed to intrude on MSNBC, however. It’s surreal, watching host Karen Finney make a case that Democrats in red states that have not set up exchanges now have an “opportunity” to blame the Republicans that those states elected to resist Obamacare. Let red state Democrats try to make that case, and watch them lose their seats.

It’s surreal to see HuffPost’s Sam Stein ignore the part of Obamacare law that allows states to opt in and opt out. He never mentions it. The entire discussion is surreal, and honestly, makes me just want to stay as far away from these deluded people as possible. We already live in separate realities. Watching this segment reminds me of Fringe — we have a couple of incompatible political universes at perpetual war with each other.


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