Yes: Gun Owners Groups May Recall Some CA Lawmakers

It’s a start.

Gun owners groups said Thursday they are considering recall campaigns against five Democratic lawmakers in California, including Assembly Speaker John Perez, for supporting a variety of firearms bills this year.

The effort could be patterned on recall elections in September that unseated two Colorado legislators, including the state Senate president.

The successful Colorado recalls suggest that lawmakers also are vulnerable in California, Jennifer Kerns, who recently founded the group Free California, said at a Capitol news conference.

Some of the lawmakers are newly elected to their seats and have the support of independents who are more likely to oppose gun restrictions, she said.


I’m not really sure how the Colorado recalls “suggest” anything about California but I do like the idea of going after Perez. At first glance this might seem like this is a monumentally difficult task but it’s important to remember that some of these bills were sponsored by progressive groups and so far left that Gov. Moonbeam vetoed six of them just a couple of weeks ago.


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