Howard Dean Blames Republicans for Democrats' Obamacare Botch

Appearing on MSNBC today, former VT governor and one-time Democratic presidential hopeful Howard Dean blamed Republicans for the disastrous Obamacare rollout.

Dean told host Willie Geist that “In fairness, you’ve gotta blame the Republicans for some of this.”


“They delayed everything as much as they could, threw as many monkey wrenches into the process as they could,” to which host Mika Brzezinski, off-camera, replied “Exactly!”

The Obama administration had three years to build the site, and knew early on which states would set up their own exchanges, and which ones would decline.

Dean then blamed the badly designed site on having design of the site too centrally managed. That has been a Republican objection to the entire Obamacare project from the beginning and remains one today.

Dean added that “This is very very common in tech rollouts” and that the government would “get through this” and re-iterated that the Obama administration “shouldn’t have done a single-size fits all” for the 36 states that declined to set up their own health care exchanges. Dean then claimed that the “glitches” are mostly being experienced in the states that did not set up exchanges and that the states that did “are doing pretty well.” But one of those states, California, had to take its exchange site offline to fix its glitches shortly after launch.


It was Howard Dean who, a few years back, admitted that Obamacare stayed away from implementing tort reform to bring health care costs down, because the Democrats who wrote Obamacare feared taking on trial lawyers.


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