Al Sharpton Leads Black Pastors Group Pledging Allegiance to Obamacare

You can tell where we are in the culture wars by looking at who’s on offense and who’s in retreat. The conservative Southern Baptist Convention, 16 million members strong and a core of the evangelical vote on the right, is in the latter category. Its new President of the SBC’s Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission, Russell Moore, is calling for a pullback from politics and the culture wars. He doesn’t want to fight either for ethics or religious liberty as the government crushes both through Obamacare’s mandates.


On the flip side, Rev. Al Sharpton doesn’t lead any actual church and his ethics are beyond questionable. From Freddie’s Fashion Mart to Tawana Brawley to Trayvon Martin, it’s questionable whether he has any ethics at all. He’s not about to defend Christians who object to the Obamacare abortifacient drugs mandate.

But Rev. Al is on offense in the culture wars. He’s leading a group of pastors who could uncharitably be suspected of replacing God with a partisan policy.

A team of African-American preachers has sent a letter to President Barack Obama affirming their “commitment to the Affordable Care Act” even as the President has ordered the website overhauled.

“We believe that access to quality health care is a fundamental civil and human right in America. Historically, over seven million African-Americans have been uninsured and denied access to care with devastating consequences. The Affordable Care Act provides African-Americans, along with Americans of all nationalities, access to desperately needed quality health care,” states the letter, signed by 14 Black preachers, all of whom lead major clerical or civic organizations. “We affirm our support for the Affordable Care Act. We understand that over time aspects of the Act will be revised as government learns more and to-be-expected administrative glitches will be appropriately addressed but it is essential that we work aggressively with what we have right now. We cannot afford to put this off any longer. Any further delay will have catastrophic effects on the nation’s uninsured.”


The group released their letter Monday. No word on when they intend to add it to the New Testament and create a new Obamacare sacrament.


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