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Dems Talk O-Care Delay, Media Matters Cheerleads In Ignorant Bliss

Bear in mind that even Talking Points Memo and Think Progress are covering the chatter about the Democrats and Obamacare delay today. Here’s what is on the Media Matters home page right now (click to enlarge):


Screenshot 2013-10-23 at 5.07.21 PM

Several stories about conservative Benghazi outrage being a hoax and something about the Baltimore Ravens.

You know, the stories of the day.

Although I prefer not to link to these commies, it’s OK to do it once in a while to make a point.

The entire post is a master class in denial.

They’re sticking fiercely to the “it’s just the website that’s glitchy” talking point and then they get right to the in-house government projections and a Soros-funded organization’s fantasy about the hopeful projections leading to savings.

In classic “We know our audience is remarkably stupid” MMFA fashion, the article posits that costs have gone down and then backs that up with…projections. Anyone with above fourth grade reading skills knows that history of government projections to back up a government program isn’t one filled with accuracy.

Of course, the fantastical “might happen” spin being offered here is precisely what the low-info Obama fans will lap up.

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