Bob Beckel: White House 'Absolutely Bludgeoned Me' For Criticizing Obamacare

The thin-skinned president just can’t take valid criticism. Bob Beckel criticized the Obamacare rollout on Fox’s The Five Tuesday and called for a delay of the individual mandate. The longtime Democrat strategist soon heard directly from the White House.


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“I got a call from somebody at the White House,” Beckel said today on Fox, “to absolutely bludgeon me” for suggesting that the mandate should be delayed six months to a year to get the website working.

It’s worth noting that Beckel strongly supports Obamacare and spend much of his time on The Five saying anything he can say to defend Obama. But one reasonable criticism that may have been floated to give the Obama administration political space to fix an issue that is sinking them, and the White House calls him to beat him up.


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