VIDEO -- How Did Get Botched? The White House Doesn't Know and Doesn't Care

During today’s White House press briefing, Fox News’ Ed Henry asked spokesman Jay Carney an obvious question: Are you going to investigate how your government misspent millions of dollars to build a web site that doesn’t even work?


Henry didn’t put it quite that way, he put it this way: “They’ve gotten millions of dollars in federal contracts for the web site, the data collection, et cetera. And when even Robert Gibbs is saying it’s been botched, is there an investigation of this company? Is this company planning to turnover? This is millions of dollars in hard-earned taxpayer dollars. Is the government gonna get some of that money back?”

Carney did his bureaucratic best to deflect the question: “Questions about contracts related to this are ones that should be addressed to HHS and CMS. I don’t have that information.”

Everyone at HHS ultimately works for President Obama. Is he not interested and asking questions about how HHS botched the rollout of his own signature policy?

Apparently not.

More: The White House also isn’t interested in investigating how the botched web site ended up costing triple the original sticker price.

A Reuters review of government documents shows that the contract to build the federal online insurance website – key to President Barack Obama’s signature healthcare reform – tripled in potential total value to nearly $292 million as new money was assigned to the work beginning in April this year.


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