PHOTOS: Veterans Overrun the Barrycades, Liberate the Memorials in Washington!

A PJ volunteer is in Washington and captured these photos of the veterans’ march on the National Mall earlier today. Our volunteer says, “It was the best public disobedience I’ve ever witnessed.” Veterans swarmed the World War II, Vietnam and Lincoln memorials. They removed the barrycades from all of the memorials, starting with the WWII Memorial. From there, the veterans tore the barrycades down at the Vietnam Memorial before moving on to liberating the Lincoln Memorial.


Police were present and attempted to set the removed barrycades back into place. But the volunteers made a human chain, singing the National Anthem, and prevented police from putting the barrycades back into place. The veterans eventually moved some of the barrycades over to the White House, so their namesake could see them.

Veterans also captured the paper shutdown signs from barrycades, posed for photos with them, and took them home as spoils.

Several prominent Republicans also turned out to support the veterans’ march.

photo 1

Not forgotten.

photo 1b

Just a few veterans too many for the NPS to deal with.

photo 2

photo 2b

photo 4

photo 5


Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) wades into the crowd. Cruz, Sarah Palin and Sen. Mike Lee (R-UT) were among the leaders who came out in support of the veterans.


Police where there. But the veterans and protesters outnumbered and outflanked them.


Palin holds court with the media.


Barrycades, rejected and piled up.

More: Young veteran takes a barrycade on his shoulders.



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