Is the Republican Party Committing Suicide?

The best fiction writer couldn’t have come up with a better story line.

Now that the Republican Party plans to “compromise” on Obamacare and the budget, the end is near for the pretense that we have a two-party system.


The “compromise” includes funding Obamacare, raising the debt ceiling, and reversing some sequester cuts.

This means the GOP has capitulated to Obama’s demands. This, in itself, may not be a death blow, but you must understand the underlying consequences.

The GOP’s actions demonstrate that they accept total blame for the government shutdown, and that what they did was wrong. Three weeks ago, they said it was more important to defund Obamacare than to create a budget resolution. Today, they say that action was wrong, and that all of Obama’s demands were right.

The GOP has acknowledged that slimming down government spending, either through sequester cuts or by the government shutdown, was the wrong thing to do. They acknowledge by their actions that increased government spending and unrestricted government growth are the correct actions, which Obama and the Democrats have declared to be the right path for America.


The GOP’s actions declare to America that anybody who still believes in smaller, more fiscally accountable government has no place in America’s political landscape.

The GOP ostensibly claims support for the Second Amendment, as well as the rest of the Bill of Rights and Constitution. After Obamacare, what new “taxes” will they help dream up? As your tax load increases, do you think there will be money left for guns and ammo?

So instead of the wannabe-Democrat Party controlling the House, next year will see a true Democrat landslide across the board. They planned this; they executed it; the deal’s done.

Further reading: The Turning Point by Michael Walsh


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