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National Park Service Leaves Ritzy Golf Course Open During Shutdown

Amy Holmes has uncovered yet another example of the National Park Service’s arbitrary and capricious shutdown tactics.

Following up on a tip sent in by a vigilant Blaze reader, I made a quick call to San Francisco’sPresidio Golf Club, this morning. I can confirm that the public golf course, clubhouse and café are cheerfully open for business — all sit on the same national park land as the privately owned and operated, and currently shuttered, Cliff House restaurant.

Like the Cliff House, the golf club operates as a private vendor on national park land. Unlike the Cliff House, however, it is a member of the nationally renowned Arnold Palmer Golf Management empire which oversees 74 golf clubs, public and private, across the country, including the posh private Hoakalei Country Club on the island of Oahu.

Arnold Palmer can fight back if the rangers are ordered to shut his golf course down. Kids who just wanted to build sand castles have no voice in Washington.

Don’t get me wrong, the fact that the golf course is open is good news. It’s also proof that Obama is orchestrating the shutdown strategy in order to hurt the most Americans possible without generating massive blowback from powerful forces like Arnold Palmer or the National Rifle Association. Obama is the bully who knows which of his potential victims are most likely to punch him in the nose. So he avoids offending them when he can.

He miscalculated a few times, most notably when he took on veterans at the World War II Memorial, when he denied benefits to families of slain military members, when DoD nearly canceled the Air Force-Navy football game, and when the NPS went Gestapo at Yellowstone and the Claude Moore Colonial Farm in McLean, VA.