Obama's 'Affordable Care Act' Causes Alabama Family's Insurance to Skyrocket 300%

WAFF-TV in Huntsville, AL reports:

THORNHILL: “Thanks for joining us at 48 News at 10. If you’re under the impression that you could keep your current insurance plan under the Affordable Care Act, you may be in for a rude awakening. Those not insured by the employer will have to pick a new plan by the end of the year. Lucros Lucio says most current plans by the end of the year do not meet the Affordable Care act requirements. WAFF’s Sarah Navoy has the details.”
NICOLS: “Plan you’re currently on must end by December 31st 2013.
NAVOY: “It was a piece of mail worse than any bill. Father of six and small business owner Jeremy Nicols was shocked by a letter from BlueCross BlueShield. It warned his current insurance plan would be cancelled and suggested another one at a much higher cost.”
NICOLS: “Which will increase my rate from $463 to $1212.47.”

NAVOY: “It’s a nearly 300 percent increase for the same amount of coverage.”
NICOLS: “No idea what to think, It’s quite a bit.”
NAVOY: “While the new Affordable Care Act requirements.”
KELLOGG: “The vast majority of our individual products are non ACA compliant.”
NAVOY: “CEO and president of BlueCross BlueShield of Alabama Terry Kellogg suggest shopping around for the best rates. However NICOLS says there aren’t many options. United health care told me they are not participating in the Affordable Care Act in Alabama. That leaves you BlueCross BlueShield and Humana to choose from.”
NICOLS: “We’re definitely starting to think they know that. I mean they have no reason to lower rates because we have to get it from somewhere.”
NAVOY: “If we choose not to, expect to pay a fee close to $100 a person or 1% of the Salary, whichever is higher. That goes up each year and will be close to 700 a person by 2016. Not to mention you pay full price at the doctor. Nicols knows that insurance is a must but says that in his opinion the Affordable care Act is not living up to its name.“
NICOLS: “I know for most of our family, this is going to be a very difficult for them to Afford.”
NAVOY: “Sarah Navoy WAFF, 48 news.”
THORNHILL: “Terry Kellogg says people with larger families will definitely be paying more under the Affordable Care Act. And the weight goes up per person.”


Emphases added. The White House press corps had the chance to ask President Obama about the first week of Obamacare Tuesday, but whiffed. They failed to ask him a single question about Obamacare, its failures, or the impact it is having on many American families.


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