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MSNBC's Chris Matthews Compares Congressional Republicans to Terrorists

Here’s video of Chris Matthews carrying forth Democrat talking points on the government shutdown. It happened on Hardball Monday night. Matthews, a former (?) Democratic Party operative, frequently says insane things that just happen to line up with the Democratic Party’s current messaging.

MATTHEWS: “I guess this comes down to what believe about belief. A very human question, can you tell reading through this behavior and this entire zigzag and all the off the record and on the record, that back and forth. Does John Boehner insist on using his authority as speaker to set the agenda and to put programs on the floor that he will not get to the 17th of this month? In other words next week before passing some kind of debt ceiling to avoid a default?”

TODD: “Look that I can’t figure out, I’ve assumed. I didn’t think he would, I thought he would cave before midnight on September 30th. I thought that there was a way out for them, he didn’t take it. This is not about, I think the one thing that we are getting wrong here, this isn’t about whether Boehner is saving his speakership. This is about whether the Republican Party is fighting for the soul of the Republican Party, breaks out into open in such a way that the conservative grassroots basically catch fire. In a way that imperils all of the Washington Republican elites. It’s not just Boehner losing his speakership, it’s becoming a disconnect. It’s somehow, the Republican leaders aren’t fighting for what the Republican grassroots want. And so if they at all look like they are capitulating to any demand the president is making, any form. It’s like that guy — it’s like they like that guy who set himself on fire or the party on fire. So this is about Boehner trying to protect, trying to basically paper over the party’s larger problem that they’ve got going on here.”

MATTHEWS: “This is the problem that Israel had all these years with the Arab side. It’s not that there aren’t good people in the Arab side; it’s that the good people in the Arab side don’t call the shots. And they’re always worried about the terrorists behind them would break the deal. You know there have been Mahmoud Abbas, for example, is obviously a thoroughly going reasonable person who wants a state and knows he has to have peace to get it. But it seems like people like Boehner, they can’t deliver on the deal. And I am worried here as an American, I am worried that we are going to go into a cataclysm here that’s not worthy of us as a country.”