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Shots Fired Near US Capitol (Updates: Capitol Lockdown is Lifted)

Details are sketchy but there are reports of shots fired near the US Capitol in Washington DC at about 2:30 Eastern time this afternoon. Nothing much has been confirmed, other than that the capitol is on temporary lockdown and personnel inside have been ordered to shelter in place. There are reports that there was a car chase involved, either prior to or after the shots were fired.

Additionally, one person inside the capitol reports that the shooter has been apprehended.


Update: It appears now that a crime from elsewhere in the capital spilled over into the Capitol Hill area. There was a car chase, the driver got out of the car, opened fire, and police may have fired back. The number of wounded is still unknown.


Update: The House is set to reconvene for business.

Update: It sounds like a female driver tried to get past a barricade (not related to the government shutdown) several blocks from, but related to, the White House complex. She hit that barricade, then turned to go up Constitution Avenue. A police chase ensued and she ended up getting shot after she exited her car after police boxed it in. It’s not clear that the driver was armed. No police sustained any life-threatening wounds.