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Looks Like ‘Nuclear Bombs Exploded There’ -- Description of Coptic Villages Attacked by Brotherhood

During a recent conference, Dr. Sherif Doss, an Egyptian activist, confirmed the extent of the widespread attacks on Egypt’s Christians at the hands of the Muslim Brotherhood and their supporters—including “at least 80 churches that were torched and/or destroyed”—and highlighted the often overlooked but ongoing human suffering of the Copts: “But worst of all, about 140 families were evicted from their own homes; and worse still is that, not only were they thrown out of their houses, but their shops and properties were robbed and destroyed… General Sisi has promised to rebuild the churches and this takes time to be done. But we can’t wait all that time for those people destitute and in the streets, with no place to live and nowhere to work…. These people are in a very bad condition. If you go and see these villages, you will be amazed—it is as if a nuclear bomb exploded there. People burned and plundered their homes without mercy…” [For complete translation of Doss’ speech, click here]