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Think Progress Doesn't Want Progressives to Think About Cory Booker Tweeting with a Stripper

So you’ve probably heard about Newark, NJ Mayor Cory Booker (Democrat) and his Twitter messages with a stripper. That story could be read in several different ways. One, Booker is single so what he does on his own time is his own deal. Two, but Booker is an elected official seeking higher office and may run for president, so what he does on his own time does matter to some extent and voters should know about it. Three, eh, who cares? Four, given lingering questions about the confirmed bachelor’s sexuality, the messages could be a cynical operation to get the gay thing off the radar so notoriously double-minded, hypocritical core Democrat voters won’t have to think about it. It presents the liberal mind with a conundrum: Is Booker into exploiting women, or is he covering up teh ghey?

And five, hey, at least he didn’t tweet his wang! That we know of. I’m sure Howie Kurtz, gumshoe media critic, is on the case.

So, given that there are a number of angles to this story, it’s kind of interesting. Not the brightest blip on my viewscreen, but interesting. The more we learn about Booker, the odder he seems to get.

But Think Progress doesn’t want you to think about Cory Booker tweeting with a stripper. Just don’t. Seriously you guys, dont!


It’s like Basil Fawlty and “Don’t mention the war!” Don’t mention Cory Booker tweeting with a stripper! Don’t. Even. Think. About it.

Think Progress…taking the thinking out of progressive politics year after year.